Friends of the work of Blasco Mentor have created this website to allow as many people as possible to discover the life and work of the painter and sculptor Blasco Mentor who lived for more than 60 years in our town (1919/2003)

Solliès Toucas and culture

Shapes on the canvas. A line, a circle soon surrounded by imaginary or monumental shapes appear. Once completed the work can be serious, whimsical, sweet or grandiose, sensual or tragic but always indicating the importance of the field of ideas.

The great strength of culture is that it is both an economic and a social vector. The cultural sector creates jobs, develops skills; it is also a bond of social cohesion, carrying values ​​and creating strong identities.

Today culture has become a key issue for economic growth, whether local, regional or national. The cultural sector is no longer reduced to a leisure activity but indeed represents a major asset in our current societies. Federator of social / cultural projects, job creation in the fields of creation, culture and communication, culture is essential to the functioning of our economies and gives us confidence in the future.

It is with this in mind that the Friends of Blasco Mentor’s work are mobilizing to publicize the potential for cultural development of Mentor’s work and its property, Casa Nieves. His house and a large part of his work (more than 450 paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, etc.) are the property of our municipality and can be a driver of sustainable development and thus contribute to its economic development.

The renovation projects of the Moulin Arnaud, the Mentor property and that of the future museum which will be dedicated to it, are part of this strategy.

Through this site, friends of Blasco Mentor’s work want to make his work known to as many people as possible, and increase its notoriety. Keeping you informed of events related to his work, of the progress of the future Mentor Museum project, as well as of the renovation of his property, Casa Nieves, is also part of our intentions.