To join

our association is to conclude a moral alliance with it.

Joining our association means helping it achieve the goals it has set for itself and thus contribute to its influence.

Joining means helping them maintain their financial balance by paying an annual membership fee set by the board.

For 2019 it is:

  • – 20 Euros for a single person and 30 Euros for a couple
  • – 5 Euros for students under 25
  • – 50 Euros for companies and / or national or regional authorities

To join or make a donation follow the instructions on the attached membership form and download the document.

Fill it in, enclose the payment (by check payable to the association)

and post it to:

Les amis de l’oeuvre de Blasco Mentor
Mairie de Solliès Toucas
Place Clément Balestra
83210 Solliès Toucas

You will receive your receipt and your membership card in return.