Internal regulations

Friends of Blasco Mentor’s work

Association governed by the law of July 1, 1901

Declaration to the Prefecture of Var

Publication in the Official Journal of associations number 0025 of June 23, 2018

National register of associations number (RNA) W 832015615

Headquarters: Solliès-Toucas Town Hall, Place Clément Balestra, 83210 Solliès-Toucas

Rules of procedure

Adopted by the general meeting of April 27, 2019

These rules of procedure specify the statutes of the association “Friends of the work of Blasco Mentor“.

It is sent to all members and to each new member electronically, failing which on physical medium.

Article 1- Headquarters of the association

The association is headquartered at the following address:

Solliès-Toucas Town

Hall Clement Balestra Square

83 210 Solliès-Toucas

Article 2- Contributions

The amount of contributions is set by the general assembly according to the nature of the members from the following grid:

Physical persons

  • Individual membership: 20 euros
  • Couple membership: 30 euros
  • Benefactor or patron: free

Moral people

  • Small business and association: 50 euros
  • Medium-sized business: 100 euros
  • Large company: 150 euros
  • Benefactor or patron: free
  • Sponsor: 150 euros

The contribution must be paid no later than June 30 of the year to which it applies.

Any contribution made to the association for granted. No reimbursement of membership fees can be required in the event of the resignation, exclusion or death of a member during the year.

Article 3 – Admission of new members Individuals

complete the membership application and attach the payment of the membership fee corresponding to their situation. Membership is validated by e-mail and sending of these regulations and articles of association.

Legal entities apply to the President for membership. The board decides at each of its meetings on the admission applications submitted.

The membership fee is paid to the association once the decision is notified. Those wishing to join must complete a membership form.


Article 4 – Resignation – Radiation – Death of a member

The resignation must be addressed to the chairman of the board by registered letter. It does not have to be motivated by the resigning member.

As indicated in article 8 of the statutes, the removal of a member can be pronounced by the board, for serious reasons.

In particular, the following are deemed to constitute serious reasons:

  • – non-payment of the contribution;
  • – non-participation in the activities of the association;
  • – a criminal conviction for felony and misdemeanor;
  • – any action likely to harm, directly or indirectly, the activities of the association or its reputation.

In any case, the person concerned must be able to present his defense, prior to the exclusion decision. The decision to strike off is adopted by the council, acting by a two-thirds majority of the members present.

In the event of the death of a member, the heirs or legatees cannot claim any maintenance in the association. The contribution paid to the association is definitively acquired, even in the event of resignation, exclusion, or death of a member during the year. The resigning member sends his decision to the President by letter.

Article 5 – Composition

In accordance with article 13 of the statutes, the council controls the management of the association and ensures the consistency of the actions undertaken.

It defines the general policy of the association and, where applicable, its public positions.

Article 6 – Operation

The members of the board present at the meeting may have at most one written, dated and signed power of attorney. This power is only valid for one meeting.

If the Chairman is unable to attend, the board is chaired by the vice-chairman or if the latter is also unable to attend by another member of the board chosen by mutual agreement from among the members present.

Anyone, whether or not a member of the association, may be admitted to the sessions, deemed appropriate to hear in order to inform the decisions to be taken through their opinions.

Article 7- Council

7.1 – Meetings

  • The Council meets at least 6 times a year. At the end of each meeting, the date of the next meeting is set collegially by the members present.
  • A report is drawn up at the end of each meeting and then sent to the members of the Board by electronic mail.

7.2- Missions The purpose of the advice is:

  • to execute or have executed the decisions taken by the General Assembly
  • to prepare agendas for meetings and to educate the subjects submitted to it.
  • to monitor management and to close the annual accounts,
  • to draw up the provisional budget. rule on any matter raised by the president or one of its members.


Article 8 – Expenses reimbursement indemnities

Only elected members of the Board can claim reimbursement of expenses incurred in the context of their missions and upon justification. The maximum amounts for the year 2019 that can be reimbursed are set as follows:

  • Mileage allowances for the use of his personal car (5CV and less 0.25 Euros, 6 and 7 CV 0, 32 Euros, 8CV and more 0.35 Euros)
  • Meal: 18.00 Euros
  • Accommodation including breakfast: 80 Euros / day
  • Second class public transport (train, metro, bus) actual costs on supporting documents.

Article 9 – General meeting

9.1- Meetings, notices

  • The Ordinary General Assembly includes all the members of the association in whatever capacity they may be. It meets every year at least once no later than June 30. The members of the association are convened by the President by sending a letter (by email) at least 15 days before the fixed date. The convocation sets the items on the agenda.
  • Decisions are taken by a show of hands by a majority of the votes of the members present or represented.
  • All members of the association have one vote.


9.-2– Procedures applicable to votes

  • Votes of members present
  • The members present vote by show of hands.
  • However, a secret ballot may be requested by the council or 20% of the members present.
  • Proxy votes
  • If a member of the association cannot attend a meeting in person, he can be represented (see article 6) by a proxy by establishing in his name a duly completed and signed proxy.

Article 10 – Modification of the internal regulations

Members of the Council or 10% of the members of the Association’s members may submit to the Council a request for modification of the internal regulations.

Once the change is approved, the new rules are sent electronically to all members.

Article 11 – Civil liability

The association takes out civil liability and legal protection insurance to cover its activities defined in article 2 of the statutes for the benefit of its volunteers.

Article 12 – Financial year

The financial year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year.

Solliès-Toucas on April 3, 2019

President:  Alain de Lespinois

The Secretary:  Peggy legoff